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Hi, I'm Kate

I'm a proud mum of two gorgeous kids, Violet (5) and Jude (2).  We live with their Dad, my lovely partner Mike in Essex, UK. 

When Violet was 4 months old she was diagnosed with Cow's Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) and I went dairy free whilst breastfeeding as she was reacting through my milk.


This was a whole new world for me... as well as being overwhelmed with allergy life, I struggled to find dairy free recipes that were suitable for the family. Having always been a foodie, I decided to share our weaning journey and family meal recipes online in case it helped other parents in the same position.


So in 2019, my instagram page @thedairyfreemum was born. Since then, the page has grown more than I could have imagined, with over 65,000 lovely followers.


In late 2022, having successfully weaned another beautiful allergy baby, I decided to leave my job in marketing to spend more time with the kids and focus on The Dairy Free Mum.


My goal is to create recipes, and share tips, that make you feel less stressed, and more confident, in how to feed your family on a dairy free diet.

I really hope you enjoy!

Kate x


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