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Weaning + Nutrition + Recipes + Allergy Advice

"You won't need to look for any more information,
this book has you covered. Get ready to become a dairy free expert!"
Sophie Liard @thefoldinglady

"This book is a fantastic resource for any families who have dairy free little ones...
fab recipes and really detailed guides on dealing with food allergies as a family"

Charlotte Stirling-Reed, The Baby and Child Nutritionist and Sunday Times Bestselling author

I'm so excited to share that my debut book will be released on 12th September 2024,

published by Yellow Kite Books.

Packed with simple, delicious, family-friendly recipes, allowing parents to only have to cook

one meal for the whole family, with no one feeling like they're missing out. From breakfasts, snacks, quick meals, desserts, family favourites and party treats, this book has you covered. All recipes are dairy and soya-free and include: Mac 'n' Cheeze, Fish Pie, Lasagne, Pancakes, Thai Coconut Chicken Noodles, Pizza Pinwheels, Tropical Oat Bars, Mini No-Bake 'Cheesecakes' and Vanilla Cupcakes.

This book will support you right from the start of your journey and through allergy diagnosis, weaning and learning about nutrition, giving you the tools to improve your confidence and feel less stressed. The book has been reviewed by Lucy Upton, The Children's Dietitian, to ensure all advice is evidence-based and up to date.


Invaluable allergy parents guides touch on all CMPA related topics, as well as tips, cheat-sheets, checklists, allergen keys, meal plans, alternatives guides and FAQs will make this your go-to guide for an easy dairy-free life for you and the whole family.

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