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Berry Pastries

So pretty but really simple - the whole family will devour these!

Dairy / nut free (+ egg free alternative)

Makes 12

Keep covered in fridge for 2 days, freeze for up to 3 months and defrost overnight in fridge


- 1 pack ready rolled puff pastry (check dairy free, I used Aldi own)

- 2 tbsp low sugar berry jam (or homemade chia jam)

- 1 handful strawberries, sliced

- 1 handful raspberries

- 1 tbsp maple syrup or fruit syrup such as sweet freedom

- Beaten egg / oat milk for glaze


  1. Pre-heat oven to 190°c fan and line two baking trays

  2. Mix the berries and syrup in a small bowl until well coated

  3. Unroll the pastry and cut out 12 circles with a cookie cutter. Place on the baking trays with space around each one and prick the centre of each several times with a fork

  4. Spoon 1/2 tsp of jam into the centre of each pastry and spread into a small circle leaving a 1 inch gap around the edges. Top with strawberries and / or raspberries

  5. Brush all visible edges with beaten egg or oat milk. Bake for around 13-15 minutes until golden

  6. Cool and serve


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