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Surprising Dairy Free Products

Free-from products can be so expensive so it's always amazing when you find accidental or surprising dairy free items. Here's some of my favourites... if you have more, add them to the comments!

Always, always, always check ingredients every time you buy. Manufacturers can, and do, change their recipes and supermarket brands can differ from each other.

Some items are 'may contains' which means milk isn't an ingredient but the product is manufactured in an environment which produces other products, so they cannot guarantee there is no risk of cross-contamination.

- Oreo biscuits

- McVities hobnobs

- Tesco own bourbon cream biscuits

- Lotus biscoff spread (the aldi version is also soya free!)

- Jus Rol pastry & cinnamon swirls

- Coco Pops

- Fox's party rings & choc version

- Ritz crackers (not the cheese ones)

- Aldi and Tesco own value garlic bread

- Betty Crocker devils icing (in fact lots of the BC range of cake mixes & icing)

- Bird's custard powder

- Jammie Dodgers & Choccie Dodgers

- Soreen malt loaf & bars

- Co-op bakery jam & custard donuts, plus their gingerbread men & yum yums

- Mr Kipling blackcurrant & apple pies

- Weetabix chocolate chip minis

- Morrisons cherry bakewells

- Tesco & aldi frozen strudels

- Nesquik banana milkshake mix

- Stork baking spread

- Chocolate shreddies

- Asda jam tarts

- Skips


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